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MRP : Rs. 980/- Origin: Karnataka About: Wellbe Desi Cow Ghee is made...

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MRP: 55 Origin:  Karnataka About: Wellbe Vermicelli is made with organic sooji...

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Wellbe Rice Bran Oil Origin: Karnataka About: Rice bran oil...

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MRP: 195 Origin: Aligarh About: Say hello to Wellbe Amla powder...

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MRP: 195 Origin: Aligarh About: Embrace the goodness of Wellbe Moringa...

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Go healthy, go smart, go super food – Go Organic!

Staple foods will always be required in your pantry, but when you want the healthier option, the obvious choice is organic. We are the premier organic shop online that offers fresh organic foods, every day, every time! From your daily dose of milk for your morning cuppa or to an entire orchard of organic fruits in Bangalore at your doorstep, we are here for you. We bring the freshest organic fruits and vegetables in Bangalore to you!

Your daily staples and more at the best organic shop in Bangalore

We are one of the finest and definitely one of the most well stocked organic shops in Bangalore. From milk to bread, from vegetables to fruits, from food grains to laundry detergents, no matter what is that you want, we have it. And if you like to touch, see and smell your organic fruits in Bangalore before picking them out, we have retail stores too. Walk into any of our stores and choose from a range of exotic vegetables in Bangalore.

Artisan breads to enriched eggs – organic store in Bangalore that offers it all

Craving for artisan breads in Bangalore or wondering which is the best egg store near me – the answer to all such questions ends with The Organic World. We are not only the most trustworthy Bangalore milk dairy, we are also setting several standards. For instance, we are one of the only waste free grocery store in Bangalore!

Customers Speak

TOW has a good & large variety of offering as compared to other organic stores in the vicinity especially fruits & vegetables and milk.

HUSAIN BAKA - JP Nagar Store

I have been a regular customer in The Organic World and the reason is I get a variety of organic products and it gives me many options to choose from and the Quality of the produce is good.

Pragya - Bellandur Store

It is nice to be able to pick fresh fruits and vegetables from the farms on a daily basis. I really like the quality of the fresh produce and the dry fruits from zero waste section. 

Also Like the fact that I can pick my staples in the brown paper packs and glass containers at the zero waste section, with an idea to reduce plastic and also more convenient.    

Smitha - Cunningham Store

I shop at The Organic world as I feel they are a genuine organic store. 

Having their own farms, all the products are verified and are genuinely organic.  

If you ask me why the organic world, its the trust the store has established with us. I would rather buy a bit expensive products from you than buying unhealthy products for a lesser cost.

Varun - JP Nagar Store

I trust the store to keep organically grown fruits and vegetables, and do the checks to ensure that food continues to be grown in an organic manner. I appreciate the fact that The Organic World works with farmers and teaches them sustainable methods for growing food organically, and helps provide them with a reliable source of income. 

Reshma Shetty - JP Nagar Store

Store is very clean and ambient and store staff are very cooperative. 

They receive fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm everyday. They have a good return policy and have a Wide variety of organic products available

Mariyappan - HSR Store 

Milk samples given were excellent and I switched over to A2 milk. 

I am Impressed on the staff who have  a personal touch and i think that the greens taste very extraordinary. All veggies are fresh and taste amazing and the price is not unreasonable matches with market with chemicals. 

Sujatha Ramprasad - Indiranagar Store 

Veggies are a great, especially the cauliflower sans all the chemicals. Gobi manchurian was a hit with the family. The red amaranthus tastes super, salad cucumbers and carrots are excellent.

Mamatha - Indiranagar Store 

I had visited Maples farm in Jan 2019 and having seen the entire process  first hand ,feel convinced about the authenticity of their organic vegetables . This is one of the reasons I have been regularly shopping at their indiranagar outlet . Other produce and groceries also are also from certified  organic vendors . I am glad they opened a store in our neighborhood and hope to continue shopping with them. 

Chitra Seshadri - Indiranagar Store