"We are what we eat. And to be well, we must eat well. That is the fuel that drives us and Mapletree Farms to provide our customers the best produce that can possibly be grown"

Mr. Shankar Venkatraman, our lead farmer, gives us a variety of information about farming, in general, Organic farming in particular. 

Mapletree farm grows organic vegetables using the following ingredients and heavily depends on covercrops (also known as green manuring) and cow dung based jivamrutha and panjagavya for soil fertility. We also do heavy crop rotation between different crop families to ensure disease does not stay in the soil. 

    Tomato Harvesting at Maple Tree FarmFarm Cattles Green HouseFarmers working at our farm 

    At Our Farms:

    1. We maintain soil fertility by making sure we replenish any minerals or nutrients a crop has absorbed.
    2. We use crop rotation to suppress diseases and support beneficial insects.
    3. Crops not only absorb nutrients from the soil but they also make sure they release some nutrients into the soil. These nutrients released by the previous crop will be helpful for the next crop if planned properly.
    4. Compost and vermicompost are an excellent source for increasing the microbial life in the soil. These microbes are very helpful as they help convert mineral in the soil to available form for the plants to absorb. In turn the microbes feed off of the sugars released at the plant roots.
    5. We use vermicompost from Indian earthworms.
    6. We practice cover cropping to fix nitrogen.

    We always welcome our customers visit to Mapletree farm, feedback from customers, farming and operations...etc

    Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

    This program, which is held regularly by Mapletree farm team, at various communities, has helped customers understand the value of the produce from Mapletree farms.

    It has also provided us lot of feedback about our work and motivates us to provide better services in the future.

    High Quality Desi Cow Milk

    At Mapletree farms, we endeavor to bring you Milk with purity, quality and authenticity. We also bring pure Paneer and unsalted butter produced from the same sources. 

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