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Change The Essence Of Gifting! #GiftBetter


With all the fun, food, lights and smiles that the festivity brings to us, we also look forward to giving gifts that make your friends and family happy. This festive season, gift better and chose the environment over the economy. Our curated range of products are not just crafted with great ingredients but also has a greater socio-economic impact on it’s makers: Our farmers, craftsmen, women and men.


Meet our partners who have consciously curated festive gifts for you:

Giving the same kind of gifts that do no good to the environment is passé. Let’s add value to the lives of our gift makers and gift better with the Organic World. Adding a tinge of emotional values always makes festivity a lot happier and memorable. 



Meet our partner, Wild Ideas community, a women-focussed, self-help cooperative from Thirvanamalai, Tamil Nadu.

This festive season, each curated gift you shop will directly impact these ladies. Gift better with Wild Ideas’ products are handcrafted with pure herbal ingredients that will surely help you with our personal care concerns. 

  1. Divine by Wild ideas: Lemon Grass Soap (100gms)+Body wash (75g)+Lip Balm +Jojoba/wheatgerm with sweet fragrance and ylang ylang Body Oil
    MRP 565 Offer Price 499 
  1.       Blessed by Wild Ideas: Get a festive cane gift box for Rs 299

Get the Wild Ideas gift set with the box at Rs 798 



Our farmers spend all their time perfecting the growth of all the vegetables we consume. Grown consciously by our farmers, gift your loved ones something pure, chemical-free and filled with organic goodness. Change the essence of gifting with our ‘Gift of Health’ organic fruit basket that directly supports the farmers in and around Bangalore. 

Fruit Basket priced at 499 Rs.

Curated with love this fruit basket includes: 

Pineapple -1 Apples-3 Avocado-1 Orange-2 Or Mosambi -2  Gauva-3 Pomegranate-2 


It’s no more climate change, its climate emergency. Small steps go a long way. This festive season do your bit for the environment and change the essence of gifting, shop our Zero Waste with our consciously up-cycled festive bags that are filled with dry fruits. Recycled goodies is a guilt free way to gift without feeling terrible about the added waste to the environment. 

ZERO WASTE GIFTING: Almond 75g +Raisin 75g +Cashew 75g 


Let’s make better gifting choices to become an eco-warrior. With our Simply Farm Eco Roots Gift, you can increase Bangalore’s greens-cape. Here are the simple steps to kickstart your DIY potting experience. Spread the joy while spreading green! 

  • Fill potting mixture into the black inner - pot and press down lightly.
  • Place seeds evenly, push down about 2cm & cover potting mix. spray water evenly.
  • Keep your plant in a sunny window.continue to spray evenly twice a day.
  • When your plant is about 5mm tall; pour 100 ml water in the colored pot every 9 - 10 days. • Have fun with your new green friend. 

Our DIY Gardening kit is priced at 499 Rs only. 


Sweets and snacks are a must have this season. While sweets can satisfy your cravings, they can also be an unhealthy consumption. Indulge in some guilt-free healthy snacking with Pronature’s range of gifting. 

Chikki gift box priced at 399Rs

Dry fruit gift box priced at 699Rs.

Dry fruit gift box priced at 999 Rs.



Gifting your friends and family skincare that enhances their personal wellness is a thoughtful gesture. This festive season, opt for organic skincare that is vegan, cruelty free and nourishing. Let the people you care about religiously switch to a better lifestyle! 

Native Circle no sugar kit priced at 750 Rs.

Native Circle detox kit priced at 990 Rs.

(Charcoal Facepack + Anti Tan Coffee Scrub + Activated Charcoal Soap +

Tooth Powder –Activated Charcoal) 

Native Circle herbal bath kit priced at 1100 Rs.

 (Body Massage Oil+Brahmi Hair Oil+Neem Exfoliant Soap+Herbal Shampoo + Skin Care cream) 



Inject some body care goodness into the lives of your loved ones this festive season! A range of meticulously crafted body-care products by the herb boutique, making you want more than just one box. 

Herb boutique gift box lip balm priced at 1445 Rs. 

Herb boutique gift box soap priced at 600 Rs.

Herb boutique gift box honey priced at 600 Rs.

Herb boutique gift box bath salt priced at 645 Rs.

Herb boutique gift box Tealight  priced at 750 Rs.

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