About Us

The Organic World was started with the mission to make a positive and progressive difference to the world we live in. Locally sourced and organically grown produce benefit individuals and communities. And these not only improve a person’s general well being but also bring in socio-economic benefits working its way up from the grassroots level.

The company was launched in 2013 to give customers the most remarkable organic shopping experience for all your daily needs from beans to jeans and bathing soaps to cushion covers. Innovation has always been the companion of all our ventures and we see no reason to make an exception at The Organic World.

Organic Products are often associated only with fruits & vegetables, grocery and dairy & farm products. However, there is a lot more to organic living than just consuming organic food products. We aim to introduce a whole new dimension of organic retail to our customers through apparel, home needs and personal care products. Choose Better - two words that sum up our principal intention.